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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Muraqabah in the Tarot

When the traveler carefully persists in his muraqabah, God, Exalted is He, out of His love and grace, makes certain lights shine upon him as the first glimmers of gnosis.

In the beginning, these lights appear like flashes of lightning and disappear as suddenly as they shine.

However, gradually they become stronger, first like a small shining star that grows in brilliance ...

... and then turns into the shining Moon ...

... and then to the Sun.

Sometimes these lights appear like a candle or lantern.

In the terminology of gnostics this state and these lights are called gnostic nap (nawm-i irfani). These lights are from the category of beings that belong to the intermediary world (barzakh).

When the traveler observes the intricacies of muraqabah in a consistent and intense manner, and becomes spiritually stronger, these lights also become stronger in such a way that ...

... he sees the entire Earth and Heaven, from East to West, totally illuminated.

This light is the light of the soul, which appears while passing through the intermediate world (barzakh). In the early phases of this stage, when the traveler goes through the intermediate world and the self-disclosure of his soul begins (tajalliyat-i nafs)...

... he sees his soul in a physical material form. In other words, often he might see himself standing before himself.

This stage is the beginning of the process of disentanglement of the soul (tajarrud-i nafs).

- From Allama Tabataba'i, Concerning the Wayfaring and Spiritual Journey of the People of the Intellect

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  1. A wonderful utilization of tarot trumps as symbols of the Way: Tarocchi/Tarock/Tariqa. Thanks for this symbolic commentary.