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Monday, April 03, 2017

Shaykh Kalimullah's Ascension of the Sages

This is a method of contemplation called "Ascension of the Sages" (mi'raj al-'arifin). You imagine all existing things as a multitude of mirrors. Then all that you see of them of sensory and rational phenomena you should understand as reflections of the forms of the names and attributes of God. Then imagine them and indeed the entire cosmos as a single mirror, and gaze into it in order to see the the face of God with all the divine names and attributes. Do this until you become one of the people who witness divine reality (mushahadah) just as you started out as one of the people who receive divine inspiration (mukashafah). Then go further and observe that you see yourself like the whole cosmos, and know that your essence encompasses everything existing and that everything existing is formed within you. Come to realize that your essence is a mirror in which all things are reflected. Just as in the beginning you saw God reflected in all things other than yourself, now you witness God reflected in your self. Then go further and observe that all potential things are in themselves really non-existent (mumkinat min haythu hiya ghayr mawjuda). So disregard them entirely, such that all things appear to you as forms of God's self-disclosure that exist only as God supports them. All things are merely divine beauty and perfection in which you are witnessing God. Then go further and disregard the being of your own self in order to witness God alone and comprehend the divine essence, which is both the one witnessing and the one witnessed (wa huwa 'l-shahid wa'l-mashhud).

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