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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Clothing of Taqwa is Better

The following is a summary and paraphrase of a response to my points concerning the Tantric teaching made by a well-known scholar and apologist of the Bloomington perspective:

When we enter upon the path of the Tariqah and gain certitude of spiritual realities, Shaytan seeks to lead us astray by casting doubt upon the doctrine, method, or personality of Shaykh Isa.

The tantric practices are not a requirement of the Tariqah but rather exist as an option for highly qualified disciples with an innate affinity for them.

To doubt or criticize Shaykh Isa demonstrates a lack of good judgement and humility, as he is the source of certitude and good judgement.

According to Sufi Tradition, the Invocation induces the desire to be naked.

Clothing is secondary and superficial. The Quran attests to the superiority of sacred nudity when it states that the clothing of Taqwa is better.

The tawaf was originally performed naked. This was replaced with the ihram as a result of the fall.

Shaykh Isa's tantric practices were part of a right and duty to God to manifest the Haqiqa so they represent a transcendence rather than a transgression of the Sharia such as in the example given by Khidr.

"Only the man who has given himself to God in his heart knows what he has a right or a duty to give to the world." We should have a certitude of the legitimacy of this transcendence based on our experience of the veracity of other aspects of Shaykh Isa's message and method.

Like Jesus, Shaykh Isa's primordiality represents the outward transgression and inner fulfillment of the sharia. The sharia is being more faithfully fulfilled than undermined.

The humble conclusion is that Shaykh Isa had a Khidri initiation from a man in big red boots.

The experience of Primordiality afforded by the Shaykh to a small group of disciples in Bloomington causes powerful reverberations throughout the cosmos, serves as an antidote to modern perversions, purifies the world, and serves as a prefiguration of paradise.

The need for sobriety keeps this Primordiality from being abused and going wild as a new age religion.

We need to express gratitude and pray to God to show us the legitimacy of these practices. Doubt concerning their veracity comes from Shaytan.

I was originally scandalized by my experience in Bloomington until I prayed to the Shaykh for guidance and was directed to his writing "In the Wake of the Fall" where I read the passage, “what the Revelations ask of us and what Heaven imposes or inflicts on us is what we are in reality, whether we think so or not; we know it in our heart of hearts, if only we can detach ourselves a little from the monstrous accumulation of false images entrenched in our minds."

Shaykh Isa was prelapsarian and can not be judged according to the criteria of fallen man.

Desmond's points are not even worth considering because the are a distraction from Shaytan.


(Excerpt from Correspondence - March 2015)

I had thought to leave these matters well alone some months ago following my correspondence with Sidi [...]. He seemed to have a very satisfactory resolution, supported by our subsequent conversation, wherein it is possible to follow the formal teachings of Shaykh Isa with regard to the doctrine and method of the Tariqah without necessarily taking his personality and his actions, whatever they might actually have been, into consideration. However, these matters seem to keep resurfacing, first through the Falcon of Truth incident, and now within my own [...]. Each time I revisit them, I discover a new tension within my soul, a lingering doubt perhaps, or the perception of some limitation in the teachings. Sidi [...] attributes this to a lack of judgement and humility, a hidden spiritual pride, and seems to provide me with the following options, either renounce your effort toward discernment and surrender to the truth of the Shaykh's message in its totality or succumb to the whisperings of Shaytan which are veiling you from it.

During my previous considerations of these controversies, it was a vision of the persistence of the Prophet – alayhi salatu wa-salam – and the love and certitude which I have possessed toward him from the very beginning which has allowed me to continue peacefully in my endeavors as well as the fact that all aspects of my spiritual life ultimately issue from God through him and that anything else, anything questionable was non-essential.

However, the more I am exposed to these controversies, the more it seems that I am called to question my own ability to make sound judgements, for as Sidi [...] has said, who am I to question such exalted teachers, paragons of virtue and intelligence. This can be nothing more that a manifestation of hidden pride, a disqualifying lack of faqr, or at worst, a temptation from the devil.

As I would be the first to acknowledge my incompetence and inexperience compared to all of those authorities whom I hold in such high regard, Shaykh Isa and Sidi [...] included, a strong source of my hesitation in surrendering to such eloquent arguments lays in the very fact of their existence. It seems that many fuqara have been initially scandalized by what has happened and continues to happen in Bloomington, and that it requires extensive justification, rationalization, comparison, nuanced definition of terms, reevaluation and reformulation of principles, and ultimately a sign from heaven to change their minds and allow them to embrace what was formerly regarded as scandalous.

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