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Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Provisional Conclusion Regarding Shaykh Isa

My provisional conclusion is that Shaykh Isa - radi allahu anhu - was a spiritual master of the first magnitude, but that even the shuyukh have flaws, the same flaws that we are subject to and which may be seen within all spiritual masters once you peer behind the veil of devotion that helps to lift us up to their lofty stations. As Allah judges us in accordance with our good intentions rather than our shortcomings, I believe with conviction that we will all meet together again on the last day beneath the Banner of Praise, where our loving and merciful Master Muhammad – sallallahu alayhi wa-salam - will intercede on behalf of all of us for the forgiveness of Allah and any flaws or shortcomings known and unknown. Allahu Alam

"What is in question concretely? Not to aspire to Perfection and to lament because one does not attain it, but simply to abstain from evil, day by day and according to circumstances; and this while placing our Faith in God, while invoking Him with all the more fervor in that we are conscious of our weakness. It is necessary to avoid perfectionism--necessarily individualistic--as well as the cynicism which thinks that anything is permitted with the protection of Mercy. Mercy reaches us in function of the sincerity of our intention." (Text 760) 

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