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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Simplicity and Perfection

(Continued from My Hierarchy of Needs)

The next step in this process is to ascertain which of my needs are being met and which are deficient. I consider it ideal that each of my needs be fulfilled in the simplest and most direct but also perfect manner possible.

Spiritual Needs

From an early age, I have been providentially endowed with faith in God. After over a decade of struggle and consideration, I entered into Islam and I also presently possess the guidance necessary for undertaking the inward journey on the spiritual path.

Psychological Needs

I regularly study the scriptures and their traditional commentaries of both Islam and other religions. Among the category of commentaries I also include such works as those of the traditionalist authors who elucidate the esoteric and universal content of the scriptures. I regularly communicate these ideas orally and through writing to my own satisfaction. I would, however, like to learn quranic Arabic to further my understanding and appreciation of the Quran.

I regularly listen to sacred music, observe sacred art, occasionally practice a sacred dance, and read sacred literature including poetry, myths and legends, and certain special narratives. I am satisfied with a passive appreciation, but my needs can be more fully engaged by actively practicing one of these arts.

I possess a great love of God and of others and my meditations and activities provide me with ample opportunity to participate in the expression of the virtues. The feeling of security is lacking, however, because of the realization that I do not meet all of my basic needs.

I practice the game of go which I have demonstrated to my own satisfaction to be a noble and worthwhile leisure activity (see The Way of Go). I have little interest in sports, but the martial arts hold great appeal for me and I may wish to take up their practice. I do not at present possess the resources to travel.

Physical Needs

The only physical need that I am presently fulfilling in a satisfactory manner is physical culture, through diet and exercise. I do not possess work or knowledge to apply the crafts to fulfill these needs. I am interested in such crafts as agriculture, building, and sewing and may to learn these in the future to assist in meeting my physical needs.

Social Needs

I possess a family, including the extended family of my circle of friends, and a religious community. I do not possess a marriage partnership.

Although the fulfillment of all of my needs may be improved to achieve perfection, those which require primary consideration are my physical and social needs of work and a marriage partner. Those which require only secondary consideration are my psychological needs which may be augmented by learning quranic Arabic, taking up the practice of one or more arts, achieving the feeling of security by fulfilling all of my needs (which this process ultimately aims to achieve), and taking up the practice of a martial art.

(Continued in My Ideal Partner)

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